TrackShip For WooCommerce

SMS for WooCommerce is fully compatible with the TrackShip , when the SMSWOO is installed and your store is connected to TrackShip, you’ll see a Shipment Tracking tab in the WooCommerce > SMSWOO > SMS Notifications and you can enable automatic SMS notifications based on shipment status events.

Shipment Tracking & Delivery

You can send SMS messages for the following Shipment Statuses:

  • In Transit
  • On Hold
  • Return to sender
  • Available for pickup
  • Delivery Failure
  • Out For Delivery
  • Delivered
  • Failed Attempt

Available Placeholders for Shipment status

Use the following variables to dynamically add order information to your SMS messages. See below if you want to add your own messages variables.

  • {tracking_number} – the tracking number/s for the order
  • {tracking_provider} – the shipping provider for the tracking number
  • {tracking_link} – the tracking link for the order
  • {shipment_status} – the shipment status for that tracking order in case TrackShip is enabled
  • {est_delivery_date} – the shipment estimated delivery date for that tracking order in case TrackShip is enabled