AST PRO is fully compatible with the AutomateWoo extension, you can use the shipment tracking variables in your AutomateWoo emails content and we added the order Delivered status to the predefined workflow triggers list.

Shipment Tracking Variables

When AST PRO and AutomateWoo plugins are installed, the shipment tracking variables will appear in AutomateWoo’s variables list and can be used in the AutomateWoo emails content.

Available variables:

  • Tracking number: {{ order.tracking_number }}
  • Shipping provider: {{ order.shipping_provider }}
  • Tracking URL: {{ order.tracking_url }}
  • Shipped date: {{ order.date_shipped }}

Order Delivered trigger

We added the Order Delivered trigger to the triggers list. It will trigger when the order status is changing to Delivered:



Billed annually

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