White Label Shipping Carriers

The AST plugin offers a White Label feature, allowing you to present shipping carriers under your own brand name and image. This feature is particularly useful when you prefer to keep the actual shipping carrier used discreet from your customers.

How to Set Up White Label Shipping Carriers

  1. Navigate to Carrier Settings: Go to WooCommerce > Shipment Tracking > Shipping Carriers in your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Select Carrier to Edit: Locate the carrier you want to white label. Click on the edit button in the actions column corresponding to that carrier.
  3. Customize Carrier Details:
    • Name: Enter a custom name for the shipping carrier. This name will replace the carrier’s actual name in customer-facing communications, like order emails and the My Account area.
    • Image: Upload a custom logo or image that represents your brand. This image will replace the carrier’s default logo in all customer-facing interfaces.

Customer View

Once set up, the customized name and image will be displayed to customers:

  • In the order confirmation and update emails.
  • On their My Account order tracking page.
  • If integrated with TrackShip, on the tracking page and shipment status emails.

Reverting to Original Settings

If you decide to revert to the original carrier details:

  • Open the Edit Shipping Carrier lightbox for the desired carrier.
  • Click the Reset option. This will immediately restore the default name and image for the carrier.

By utilizing the White Label Shipping Carriers feature, you maintain brand consistency and control the shipping information presented to your customers, enhancing their post-purchase experience.


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