Map Shipping Provider Names

When utilizing third-party services for generating shipping labels, the carrier names used by these services may differ from those listed in AST’s shipping carrier database. This can lead to discrepancies when updating tracking information via the Shipment Tracking API endpoint.

Understanding Carrier Name Variations

For instance, if your third-party shipping service designates a shipment as “USPS Priority” but AST has the carrier listed simply as “USPS,” the system may not automatically recognize and match these as the same carrier.

Resolving Carrier Name Mismatches

To address this issue and ensure proper tracking link generation, AST provides a feature to map alternate carrier names, or aliases, to the standardized carrier names in the AST database.

Steps to Map an Alias to a Shipping Carrier

  1. Access the shipping carrier settings by navigating to WooCommerce > Shipment Tracking > Shipping Carriers.
  2. Find the carrier you wish to map an alias to. For example, if you need to map “USPS Priority” to “USPS,” locate “USPS” from the list of carriers.
  3. Edit the carrier details and add the alias “USPS Priority” to the carrier’s alias list. This ensures that when the API updates tracking information with “USPS Priority,” it will be correctly associated with “USPS.”

Note on Multiple Name Mapping

Keep in mind that the ability to map multiple names or aliases to a single carrier is an exclusive feature of AST PRO.

By properly mapping carrier names, you align third-party shipping services with AST’s carriers, enabling accurate and reliable tracking updates for your customers.


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