Add Tracking to Orders

Our plugin provides a flexible and efficient way to add tracking information to your orders, accommodating various shipping scenarios such as single or multiple products in one parcel or multiple parcels for the same order.

Quick Guide to Add Tracking

1. Accessing Tracking Options:

  • In your WooCommerce admin, go to the order details to view the Shipment Tracking panel. Alternatively, use the “Add Tracking” action button in the WooCommerce Orders List.

2. Entering Tracking Information:

  • Tracking Number: Input the provided tracking number for the shipment.
  • Shipping Carrier: Select from carriers enabled in your list. AST’s auto-detection will often recognize the carrier from the tracking number.
  • Shipping Date: Set the shipping date, which defaults to the current date.
  • Update Order Status: Choose the new order status (e.g., Completed/Shipped, Partially Shipped) and trigger email notifications to customers.

Adding Multiple Tracking Numbers

  • To Same Order: Click “Add tracking info” in the shipment tracking panel to input multiple tracking numbers. Uncheck “Send Email” if adding interim numbers to avoid premature notifications.
  • Tracking Per Item (AST PRO): Attach specific tracking numbers to individual line items or quantities. Useful for orders with multiple products shipped separately.

Managing Tracking from Various Interfaces

  • Editing Orders: While editing an order, access the Shipment Tracking panel to add tracking.
  • Orders List: Use the “Add Tracking” button in the Order Actions column for quick access to the tracking Lightbox.
  • Unfulfilled Orders Dashboard: A centralized place to manage and add tracking to unfulfilled orders.

Additional Features

  • Add Tracking Lightbox: A convenient popup to quickly add tracking information without editing each order.
  • Order Notes: AST automatically adds a note to the order notes when tracking is added.
  • Visibility Settings: Ensure the Shipment Tracking and Order Actions columns are visible in your orders admin via “Screen Options”.

Deleting and Updating Tracking Information

  • Delete Tracking: Remove incorrect tracking info and add the correct details.
  • Notify Customers: If the order was already marked as shipped, inform customers of updated tracking numbers with a customer order note.


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