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Add Tracking to Orders

Whether you’re shipping a single product, multiple products in the same parcel or multiple parcels for the same order, AST allows you quickly add the tracking information to the order and fulfil the orders in a few ways. After adding tracking info, it will display on the Shipment tracking columns on the orders list and you can click on the tracking number link to track the order.


Add tracking options

  • Tracking Number – enter the tracking number
  • Shipping Provider – this option will display the shipping providers that were enabled in the shipping providers list, Our auto-detection technology will automatically detect the shipping provider when you enter the tracking number.
  • Shipping Date – defaults to current date
  • Update the order status – you can set the order status as Completed =?(Shipped), Partially Shipped and trigger the email notifications to your customers.

Add Multiple Tracking Numbers

You can add multiple tracking numbers to the Same Order by clicking the add tracking info from the shipment tracking panel. Once added, the tracking info will display on the panel and you can clicking on the tracking number link to track the order.

Please note: if you add multiple tracking numbers to the order and you do not use the tracking per item, you should uncheck the “Send Email” option and use this option only when you add the last tracking number

Add Tracking Per Item

If you’re using the AST PRO, you can add tracking numbers per item to your orders and attach different tracking numbers to specific line items and even attach tracking numbers to different quantities of the same line item. When you add the tracking number to orders with multiple products you can change the line items quantities when you add the tracking information to the order.


Advanced Shipment Tracking make the fulfillment process easy, you can manually add tracking information to orders in a few ways, when editing an order, from the order actions in the WooCommerce Orders List and from the Unfulfilled Orders Dashboard (Coming Soon)

Add Tracking When Editing Orders

Go to WooCommerce admin and go to view and edit the order details. The Shipment Tracking panel will display on the sidebar and you can click on the “Add tracking” button to open the options.

You can also add tracking numbers to orders when viewing your orders list and
Make sure that the Order Actions column is visible (screen options) and you’ll have the “Add Tracking” action button that opens the add tracking LightBox popup.


Add Tracking info Light Box:


Add Tracking info will be added to the Shipment Tracking Panel and a note will be added to the order notes:


Tracking info when adding tracking per item


Add tracking form the orders list

You can Quick add tracking numbers to orders when you are viewing your orders list and avoid the need to edit each order to add the tracking and fulfil the order. from the the Orders Actions columns on the WooCommerce orders list, click on the add tracking action button and the add tracking LightBox will open.


When you click on the Add tracking action button the Lightbox will open to quickly add tracking numbers to orders:


Please note: if the Shipment Tracking or the Order Actions columns does not show on your orders admin, you can enable them from the orders admin “Screen Options”.

Delete a tracking number

In case you added the wrong number and you need to update the tracking information, you can delete the tracking number and add a new tracking info.

If you already marked the order as shipped and the old tracking info was sent to the customer, you can notify your customers on the updated tracking numbers b by adding a customer order note.


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