Royal Mail Click & Drop

The Royal Mail Click & Drop integration for WooCommerce provides a seamless bridge between your WooCommerce store and your Click & Drop account. This integration allows you to:

  • Fetch processing orders from WooCommerce to generate Royal Mail shipping labels.
  • Automatically sync the tracking numbers back to WooCommerce.

When you create a shipping label for an order via Royal Mail Click & Drop, two main actions occur:

  1. Royal Mail updates the WooCommerce order status to ‘Completed’ (which triggers the order status email)
  2. Royal Mail updates the customer order note with the shpment tracking information (which triggers the customer order notes email with the tracking info).

To enable the Royal Mail tracking integration, in your WordPress admin, navigate to:

WooCommerce > Shipment Tracking > Integrations

Search for the Royal Mail integration and enable it. You can enable to autoComplete shipped orders option and AST will change the order status to Shipped, if you decide to disable this option, you will need to manually change the order status from processing to Shipped:


After activating the Royal Mail Click & Drop integration in AST, every time you create a shipping label in your Royal Mail Click & Drop account for an order originating from your WooCommerce store, the shipment tracking details are automatically transferred from the order notes into the shipment tracking order meta.

Important Note on the ‘Completed’ Order Status:

Due to the order of operations in Royal Mail’s integration, the ‘Completed’ order status email might be sent to customers without the tracking information. This happens because Royal Mail updates the order status first, and only afterward adds the shipment tracking info to the order notes.

Duplicate Emails Issue:

When Royal Mail adds the tracking info to the customer order notes, WooCommerce triggers an order notes email. This results in customers receiving duplicate emails: one for the order status update and one for the order notes.

Solution to Ensure Tracking Information in Emails and Avoid Duplicates:

  1. Go to WooCommerce > Shipment Tracking.
  2. Access the ‘Order Statuses’ settings panel. Deactivate the option “Rename the ‘Completed’ Order status label to Shipped”.
  3. Enable the ‘Shipped’ custom order status and ensure the option to send email notifications is checked.
  4. Navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Emails:
    • Deactivate the ‘Completed’ order status email.
    • Deactivate the ‘Order Notes’ email.

By implementing these steps, you ensure that customers receive an email with the correct order status and included shipment tracking information, without any duplicate emails.


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