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Royal Mail Click & Drop

The Royal Mail Click & Drop WooCommerce integration allows you to connect your WooCommerce store with your Click & Drop account to pull your processing orders and generate Royal Mail shipping labels and to sync the tracking number back to WooCommerce.

The Problem

When you create a shipping label, Royal Mail does 2 things:

  1. First, they update the WooCommerce order notes API and add a note with the Shipping Carrier, Tracking Number, and link
  2. Second, they update the WooCommerce order API and change the order status to Completed (Shipped)

Since they do not use the Shipment Tracking API that AST is adding to the WooCommerce REST API, the tracking info is not added to the Shipment Tracking Order Meta and the shipping confirmation email will not include the shipment tracking widget.

To avoid that, you can disable the shipped status option, and manually copy &paste the tracking info from the order notes to the shipment tracking panel and fulfill your orders. When you have a few orders daily, this is easy but what if you get many orders daily? Our Royal Mail Tracking integration will help you to avoid repetitive work and to automate the order fulfillment workflow.

Royal Mail Tracking Integration

When you print the shipping labels in Royal Mail, The Royal Mail tracking integration automatically grabs the information from the order note, adds it to tracking, shipping carrier to the shipment tracking order meta, changes the order status to Shipped, and triggers the shipped email with the tracking info widget.

To enable the Royal Mail tracking integration, in your WordPress admin, navigate to:

WooCommerce > Shipment Tracking > Integrations

Search for the Royal Mail integration and enable it. You can enable to autoComplete shipped orders option and AST will change the order status to Shipped, if you decide to disable this option, you will need to manually change the order status from processing to Shipped:


Once you’ll enable the integration, whenever you’ll generate a shipping label in your Royal Mail Click & Drop account for order that was received from your WooCommerce store, the shipment tracking info will automatically updated from the order notes into AST’s shipment tracking order meta.

Setup Royal Mail’s WooCommerce integration

The Royal Mail Click & Drop WooCommerce integration pulls orders from your WooCommerce store into your Royal Mail account and pushes back the shipment tracking information to WooCommerce when you ship orders from your Royal Mail account.

The integrating your WooCommerce store with Royal Mail Click & Drop (Integration guide), will update the order notes with the tracking info, make sure to check the option to send tracking information as order notes:


How to avoid duplicated Shipped emails

Royal Mail’s WooCommerce integration does 2 things when you ship an order through Royal Mail Click & Drop:

  1. First, they update the WooCommerce order status to Shipped (Completed)
  2. Second, they add a note to the order with the shipment tracking info

The duplicate email problem is created since Royal Mail’s integration first update the order status which triggers the order status email before they add the shipment tracking info to the order notes. The result is that the emails are sent to customers don’t include the shipment tracking info and once the shipment tracking info is added to the order, if you enable the autoComplete orders in AST’s integration settings, it will trigger a second shipped order status with the shipment tracking widget

However, there is a workaround that the solve the problem, you can enable the Custom Shipped Order status and to disable the WooCommerce Completed order status email. To do that, follow these quick steps:

  • Navigate to WooCommerce > Shipment Tracking
  • Open the Order Statuses settings panel and disable the “Rename the “Completed” Order status label to Shipped” option
  • Enable the custom order status Shipped and check the option to send email notification.
  • Navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Emails and disable the Completed order status email.


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