Royal Mail Click & Drop

Explore the streamlined process of integrating Royal Mail Click & Drop with Advanced Shipment Tracking (AST) PRO for WooCommerce. This integration provides a direct connection between your WooCommerce store and your Click & Drop account, simplifying order management and tracking.

Overview of Royal Mail Click & Drop Integration

The Royal Mail Click & Drop integration for WooCommerce automates the label generation and tracking number synchronization, ensuring a seamless shipping process.

Key Features

  • Fetch Orders: Automatically retrieve processing orders from WooCommerce for label generation.
  • Sync Tracking Numbers: Tracking numbers are automatically synced back to WooCommerce once generated.

Actions Upon Creating a Shipping Label

When a shipping label is created via Royal Mail Click & Drop:

  1. Order Status Update: Royal Mail updates the WooCommerce order status to ‘Completed’, triggering the order status email.
  2. Customer Order Note Update: Royal Mail adds shipment tracking information to the customer order notes, which triggers an email with the tracking info.

Enabling Royal Mail Click & Drop Tracking Integration

To activate the Royal Mail integration:

  1. Navigate: In your WordPress admin, go to WooCommerce > Shipment Tracking > Integrations.
  2. Locate and Enable: Search for the Royal Mail integration and enable it.
  3. AutoComplete Option: Choose to enable the ‘AutoComplete shipped orders’ option for AST to automatically update the order status to ‘Shipped’. Alternatively, keep this option disabled for manual control.

Post-Integration Workflow

Once the integration is active, each time you create a shipping label in Royal Mail Click & Drop for a WooCommerce-originated order, the shipment tracking details are automatically updated in AST’s shipment tracking order meta.

Important Considerations

  • Order Status Email: The ‘Completed’ order status email might be sent without tracking information due to the sequence of updates by Royal Mail.
  • Duplicate Emails Issue: Customers might receive duplicate emails due to separate triggers for order status updates and order notes.

Solution for Email Management

To ensure customers receive a single, informative email and to avoid duplicates:

  1. Deactivate ‘Completed’ to ‘Shipped’: Go to WooCommerce > Shipment Tracking, access the ‘Order Statuses’ settings, and deactivate the “Rename the ‘Completed’ Order status label to Shipped” option.
  2. Enable ‘Shipped’ Status: Activate the ‘Shipped’ custom order status and ensure email notifications are enabled.
  3. Adjust Email Settings: Navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Emails and deactivate the ‘Completed’ order status and ‘Order Notes’ emails.

By implementing these steps, customers will receive a concise email with the correct order status and included shipment tracking information, eliminating any duplicate emails.

Best Practices and Notes

  • Regular Integration Checks: Ensure the integration functions as expected, especially after any updates.
  • Inform Customers: Clearly communicate about the tracking features and encourage them to track their shipments for enhanced service satisfaction.

By following this guide and enabling the Royal Mail Click & Drop integration with AST PRO, you can significantly enhance your order fulfillment process, ensuring that tracking information is accurately and efficiently applied and communicated.


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