• Fix – Resolved the issue with importing CSV files for tracking numbers.
  • Fix – Resolved an issue where tracking information was only being added to the latest order when using the REST API with the WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers Pro plugin activated.
  • Improvement – Updated the string “selected” to use a non-translatable function for better compatibility.
  • Dev – Tested with WordPress 6.5.5 and WooCommerce 9.0.2
  • Fix – Resolved the name mapping issue with the Sendcloud integration.
  • Fix – Fixed the issue where custom email content was not being saved properly.
  • Enhancement – Import CSV from FTP
  • Enhancement – Marge all the options in single option
  • Enhancement – Display the Shipped date in the Shipment tracking column on the orders list page
  • Enhancement – Improved the tracking info template design for responsive
  • Dev – Update the autodetection for FedEx Mexico
  • Dev – Add an option to Restrict adding the same tracking number in CSV Import
  • Dev – Added an Integration with Linnworks and SimpleSell
  • Dev – Tested with WordPress 6.5.4 and WooCommerce 9.0.0
  • Fix – Fulfill Items button not shows in Dokan Add tracking widget
  • Fix – Deprecated: Creation of dynamic property AST_PRO_Fulfillment_Dashboard::$table is deprecated
  • Fix – Uncaught Error: Class “ZipArchive” not found in plugins/ast-pro/includes/class-ast-pro-install.php:448
  • Dev – Tested with WordPress 6.5 and WooCommerce 8.7.0
  • Enhancement – Change the Dear Systems name to Cin7
  • Enhancement – Include the details of the user who adds the tracking information in the shipment tracking metabox
  • Enhancement – Add an option to enable/disable the tracking widget from PDF Invoices
  • Improvement – Compatibility with WooCommerce Product Vendor plugin
  • Improvement – PluginHive Integration for multiple tracking numbers
  • Dev – Automap CJPacket shipping provider
  • Dev – Added Integration with eShipper
  • Dev – Add nonce in all the admin message dismissable URL
  • Dev – Added Integration with Qapla
  • Dev – Added Integration with Shiptime
  • Dev – Improve the product vendor Compatibility, send a Fulfillment notification to admin when add tracking information
  • Dev – Improved the API Name Mapping query
  • Dev – updated the Synch providers API call URL
  • Dev – Added compatibility with Decorator – WooCommerce Email Customizer plugin
  • Dev – Added a {shipping_method} placeholder in a customizer
  • Dev – Add tracking to PayPal for Partially Shipped orders
  • Fix – PHP Warning: Undefined array key “date_shipped”
  • Fix – Call to a member function is_virtual() on bool in includes/class-ast-pro-tpi.php:344
  • Dev – Get “Add Tracking Order action” option data and update in Fulfillment Order Statuses
  • Dev – Reload the page after deleting the tracking information from the order details page
  • Dev – Improve Add tracking so admin can add multiple tracking numbers without adding tracking per item
  • Dev – Improved GLS Sell & Send Italy Integration
  • Dev – Remove the Virtual product from the add tracking panel
  • Fix – Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in includes/class-ast-pro-settings.php on line 838
  • Fix – $ is not a function in admin.js
  • Enhancement – Redesign tracking widget for TPI
  • Enhancement – Change the terminology – Shipping providers” to “Shipping Carriers”
  • Enhancement – Added Zenventory Integration
  • Enhancement – Added WooCommerce JTL-Connector Integration
  • Enhancement – Added SendCloud Integration
  • Enhancement – Added Shirtee Cloud Integration
  • Enhancement – Added compatibility with Dokan
  • Enhancement – Update the design of the Edit Shipping provider, add a custom shipping provider, and synch the shipping provider popup
  • Improve – Duplicate Queries on the orders list
  • Dev – Display only enable shipping providers in the filter by shipping providers dropdown in the orders page
  • Dev – Added compatibility with WooCommerce Email Customizer Plus by Flycart
  • Dev – Added compatibility with PHP 8.2
  • Dev – Tested plugin with WordPress 6.4
  • Dev – Added script in footer for Open the Track Button link in a new tab option
  • Dev – added a filter “wc_ast_default_mark_shipped” to unchecked the uncheck the Mark order as: Shipped checkbox
  • Dev – change date format to ‘Y-m-d’ in the shipment tracking API response
  • Fix – Validation issue of shipping provider in add tracking lightbox
  • Fix – Warning: Attempt to read property “new_version” on null
  • Fix – Downloads table not added in Completed order status email
  • Fix – Tracking Widget alignment in the iPad
  • Fix – Undefined variable $tracking_number
  • Fix – shipped_date issue in the API
  • Fix – Warning: Undefined variable $provider_array in /includes/class-ast-pro-settings.php on line 1108
  • Fix – Remove Mark as Shipped from the actions column when the order status is Shipped
  • Fix – Warning: Attempt to read property “data” on null in plugins/ast-pro/includes/class-ast-pro-update-manager.php on line 79
  • Fix – Display custom tracking provider in the order details page and orders list page
  • Enhancement – Add Usage Data tracking
  • Enhancement – Improve the search for Shipping Providers
  • Enhancement – Update the Design of the Fulfillment Dashboard
  • Enhancement – Improve the Tracking Widget display on the order details page in My Account area
  • Improved – Integration with PrintFul
  • Dev – Added integration with Byrd Fulfillment
  • Dev – Added compatibility with Smart Manager
  • Dev – Added compatibility with Email Customizer Pro by StoreApps
  • Dev – Added a filter – “ast_ali2woo_shipping_provider” to replace the shipping provider name in the Ali2Woo Integration
  • Dev – Improve the autodetection for FedEx
  • Dev – Improve Shipstation Integration for the Dokan module
  • Fix – search by country name not working in shipping providers list
  • Fix – Warning on license manager – Warning: Attempt to read property “subscription” on null in /plugins/ast-pro/includes/class-ast-pro-license-manager.php on line 520\
  • Fix – The tracking widget does not show in a Shipped email when using the WooCommerce Email Template Customizer Premium by Villatheme
  • Fix – Order Items display when the order is Partially Refunded
  • Dev – Tested with WooCommerce 7.7.0
  • Fix – License deactivation issue
  • Enhancement – Added a Shipping provider filter on the WooCommerce orders tables(HPOS) page
  • Enhancement – Added Additional Content in the Completed, Shipped and Partially Shipped email
  • Enhancement – Improve the Shipping providers list page header design
  • Enhancement – Improve the Integration settings design
  • Enhancement – Improve the fulfillment table design
  • Dev – Added a Compatibility with WooCommerce Subscription
  • Dev – Remove the trackship tracking page functionality and add a filter on ast_tracking_link for TrackShip to use
  • Dev – Remove case sensitive from Map Shipping providers
  • Dev – Improve the autodetection for FedEx
  • Dev – Improve the autodetection for Aramex
  • Fix – Compatibility with WooCommerce Email Template Customizer Premium(Villatheme)
  • Fix – Search in Fulfilment Dashboard
  • Dev – Change tracking info email template structure from Div to Table
  • Dev – Remove the TrackSip message for TrackShip connected but TrackShip For WooCommerce is not installed
  • Dev – Delete old tracking from TrackShip while Replace tracking information in CSV Import
  • Dev – Add validation in CSV Import when added short tracking number
  • Fix – Variation product image issue in Add tracking panel
  • Enhancement – Customizer – Add tracking number, shipping provider, and shipping date as a available placeholder
  • Enhancement – Added Printful tracking Integration
  • Enhancement – Added a filter in orders list page to get orders with tracking info but not exported to PayPal
  • Enhancement – Improve CSV Import result display
  • Dev – Change ast_tracking_link for TS4WC
  • Dev – Improved the REST API, use store date format for shipped date
  • Dev – Improve ShippyPro Integration
  • Dev – Improve Autocomplete orders functionality for single item and single qty
  • Fix – Customizer save issue in Firefox
  • Enhancement – Improve TPI display on TrackShip tracking page
  • Enhancement – Added integration for GLS Sell & Send Italy
  • Enhancement – Added Integration with Print Label and Tracking Code for GLS and WooCommerce
  • Dev – Added compatibility with new WooCommerce HPOS(High Performance Order Storage)
  • Dev – Improve auto-detection
  • Enhancement – Added an option in the tracking widget customizer for Display Shipped label/Tracker Type
  • Enhancement – Added an option Enable/Disable Restrict adding the same tracking number
  • Dev – Added compatibility with AutomateWoo
  • Dev – Shop Manager user role can access the Fulfillment Dashboard (unfulfilled orders)
  • Dev – Improve auto-detection for FedEx
  • Fix – Error on delete tracking information
  • Enhancement – Remove functionality for closing Add tracking popup on clicking outside the Add tracking popup
  • Enhancement – Improve the customizer design
  • Enhancement – Remove the padding option from the Tricking widget customizer
  • Dev – On quantity change of product on add tracking popup improved the shipped/partially shipped checkbox selection
  • Dev – When adding tracking information for all products not display TPI in the order details page, order emails, or my account order page
  • Dev – Improved the shipping provider’s auto-detection
  • Dev – tested with WooCommerce 6.7.0 and WordPress 6.0.1
  • Enhancement – Updated the design of the customizer
  • Enhancement – Shipping Carrier Auto-detection improvements(removed disabled shipping providers from auto-detection)
  • Enhancement – Add integration with DHL For WooCommerce
  • Dev – Dev – Move Integration option data into separate file
  • Dev – Improved the Integration
  • Fix – API Name mapping issue with Shiptheory
  • Fix – Shiping provider slug issue on update custom shipping provider
  • Fix – Translation does not work in Tracking Widget
  • Fix – Compatibility with Email Template Customizer for WooCommerce by Villatheme
  • Fix- Tracking information display twice
  • Enhancement – Add accessibility support for toggles
  • Enhancement – Add integration with WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping Plugin with Print Label by Pluginhive
  • Enhancement – Unfulfilled orders – Products Lightbox improvements
  • Enhancement – Add TrackShip promotion page if TS4WS is not installed
  • Dev – License activation improvements
  • Dev -Improved CSV Import to work with shipping provider slug
  • Dev – Restrict adding the same tracking information by REST API and via Integration services
  • Dev – Remove text domain from all the dynamic variables
  • Dev – Add compatibility with yith woocommerce badge management plugin
  • Dev – Change CURL to wp_remote_get to get the shipping provider image
  • Dev – Improved autodetection functionality for GLS
  • Fix – Placeholder is not working in custom order status email
  • Fix – Double tracking widget showing with Email customizer plugin by Villatheme
  • Fix – Fulfilment dashboard not showing all results
  • Fix – Issue with WPML, Order status email sent in admin language instead of the customer language
  • Enhancement – Implement New Email/Tracking Widget Customizer
  • Enhancement – Improved the design of the Tracking Widget
  • Enhancement – Added Inventory source tracking integration
  • Enhancement – Added tracking integration
  • Enhancement – Redesign the Integrations settings page
  • Dev – Test compatibility with Weglot WooCommerce Translation plugin
  • Dev – Test plugin with WooCommerce Multilingual 5.0.0 Beta
  • Dev – Test plugin WooCommerce 6.5.1
  • Dev – Improve the compatibility with Kadence
  • Dev – TPI – Remove refunded/canceled product from add tracking item
  • Dev – Added SKU validation in CSV Import
  • Fix – CRITICAL Uncaught Error: Call to a member function get_id() on bool in /templates/emails/ast-pro-tpi-email-order-details.php:133
  • Fix – fixed the design of the Firefox browser to add a tracking number popup
  • Fix – Sync providers issue on plugin activation
  • Fix – Automatically send tracking to PayPal when adding tracking from
  • Fix – Map shipping provider issue with special characters
  • Fix – Date issue when adding tracking from CSV/API/Manually
  • Fix – Fixed issue with Shipping provider list on plugin activate/deactivate
  • Enhancement – Added a functionality to view plugin release details on plugin update
  • Enhancement – Added Shippo integration
  • Enhancement – Added Shiptheory integration
  • Enhancement – Improve the deisng of tracking info widget in order status email in mobile
  • Enhancement – Added an option for edit the tracking URL of predefined shipping provider
  • Enhancement – Updated the TPI design in TrackShip tracking page
  • Enhancement – Set track button vertical allign top in tracking widget
  • Enhancement – Added Sync providers message in AST’s shipping provider list
  • Dev – Unfulfilled Orders – compatibility with PDF plugins (actions)
  • Dev – Improve the logic for Singapore post Autodetection provider
  • Dev – Updated Autocomplete order functionality from API when there is 1 item with 1 qty in order
  • Dev – Improved the Royal Mail Click & Drop integration
  • Dev – Added a validation if shipping provider not selected when add tracking
  • Dev – Improved the WooCommerce shipping integration
  • Dev – Improve date shipped functionality when add tracking from GUI
  • Dev – Added an option to override the Shipping and Billing address template in Completed,Shipped and Partially Shipped order status email
  • Dev – Improved the Picqer integration
  • Dev – Improve the synch providers functionality based on provider_slug
  • Dev – Tested with WP 5.9.2 and WC 6.3.1
  • Fix – Fixed preview track link issue with autodetect shipping provider
  • Fix – Fixed Fulfillment dashboard issue when all shipping mehod selected
  • Fix – Fixed Shipstation integration
  • Fix – Fixed preview tracking link not working with custom shipping provider
  • Fix – Fixed Synch providers issue for J&T provider
  • Enhancement – Added PirateShip integration
  • Enhancement – Added SendCloud Integration
  • Enhancement – Move Fulfillment menu before WooCommerce
  • Dev – Remove Dianxiomi Integration
  • Fix – Partially Shipped email styling issue
  • Enhancement – Change the license activation system
  • Enhancement – Add Docs, Support and Review link on plugins page
  • Dev – Improve CustomeCat Integration
  • Dev – Updated Deprecated jQuery code for jQuery keyup function
  • Fixed – PHP Warning: include(views/settings_header.php): Failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /wp-content/plugins/ast-pro/includes/class-ast-pro-fulfillment-dashboard.php on line 96
  • Fixed – Fix issue with Dear Inventory Integration
  • Enhancement – Add Delivered order status in Order Emails Display option
  • Dev – Improve CustomeCat Integration (Added support for USPS shipping)
  • Dev – Add another parameter for orginal order id in filter – ast_formated_order_id
  • Fix – Updated Tracking Email issue
  • Fix – Fixed issue with Dear Inventory Integration
  • Enhancement – Added Set default option for custom added provider
  • Enhancement – Added Partially Shipped / Completed (Shipped) email in customer view option
  • Enhancement – Added ParcelForce Integration
  • Dev – Added admin message for update database/synch providers
  • Dev – Added back the Delivered order status
  • Dev – Removed double slash from PayPal tracking API endpoint
  • Dev – Improve shippypro integration
  • Dev – Add option to override tpi email order details template
  • Fix – Improve plain text tracking info template
  • Enhancement – Added compatibility with WooCommerce Product Vendor plugin
  • Enhancement – Added compatibility with WooCommerce Email Template Customizer by VillaTheme plugin
  • Enhancement – Updated the design of Shipment Tracking settings page
  • Enhancement – Updated the design of License page
  • Enhancement – Change uninstall > deactivate when deactivating the plugin
  • Enhancement – Remove clickable link from shipment tracking column in orders list page
  • Enhancement – Remove white border between two column from tracking info widget
  • Dev – Added EIZ Integration
  • Dev – Added 3plwinner Integration
  • Dev – Added ShippyPro Integration
  • Dev – Added compatibility with WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers Pro
  • Dev – Added support for Trackinng Per Item when Get shipment tracking endpoint
  • Fix – Tracking Per Item issue with Composite and Bundle products
  • Fix – Tracking information added multiple times by DianXiaomi Integration
  • Fix – Tracking information added multiple times by AliExpress Dropshipping Integration
  • Fix – Fixed PHP Notice: iconv(): Wrong charset, conversion from utf-8' tous-ascii//TRANSLIT’ is not allowed in /…/wp-content/plugins/ast-pro/includes/class-ast-pro-admin.php on line 2132
  • Fix – Auto Detection Shipping Provider not working on FullFillment Dashboard
  • Fix – Tracking widget button text not matching settings
  • Localization – Updated the translations
  • Enhancement – Improve the UI of Tracking Per Item display in order status emails
  • Enhancement – Add Tracking Per Item details in admin order details page line item
  • Enhancement – Remove preview order option from tracking info and order status email customizer and set default dummy data
  • Dev – Added Dianxiaomi Integration
  • Dev – Added Printify Integration
  • Dev – Added CartRover Integration
  • Dev – Added Picqer Integration
  • Dev – Added Ali2Woo Integration
  • Dev – Improve Autodetector and added support for Shipa
  • Dev – Added ‘woocommerce_email_order_meta’ hook in custom order status and completed order status email templates
  • Dev – Added hook for Downloadable products in AST PRO Completed template
  • Dev – Optimize CSS
  • Fix – When the Completed email is removed in the display still tracking widget is showing on the Completed email
  • Dev – Removed the ‘manage_woocommerce’ capability when add tracking to orders
  • Dev – Order is already marked shipped and there’s existing tracking, and adding new tracking – that new tracking automatically send to TrackShip
  • Dev – Added hook in completed and shipped order status email for downloadable products
  • Fix – fixed Shipped Date date picker issue on add tracking info lightbox in order details page
  • Dev – Improve code security
  • Fix – Fixed CSV Import issue with a large number of data in CSV
  • Fix – Fix email content line break issue in Completed, Shipped, and Partially Shipped Email
  • Enhancement – Add Preview: Track Shipments link in Add Tracking Info Lightbox
  • Enhancement – Added an option to default check Mark Order as Shipped(Completed) When Add Tracking to orders
  • Enhancement – Updated design og Integration settings page
  • Dev – Added integration with Ordoro
  • Dev – Added integration with Dear Systems
  • Dev – Improved the code security
  • Dev – Updated translations file and added new languages
  • Enhancement – Added Time to Fulfill value in Fulfillment dashboard
  • Dev – Exclude Local Pickup orders from Fulfillment dashboard
  • Fix – Fixed issue with Tracking Per Item display on order details page when variation product in order
  • Fix – Fixed issue with CSV Import
  • Fix – Fixed add tracking not working on the edit order page
  • Fix – Fixed search shipping providers not working
  • Fix – Fixed issue with ReadyToShip Integration
  • Fix – Fixed issue with fulfillment dashboard with Time to Fulfill widget
  • Dev – Standalone PRO version – the pro version will deactivate the free version, you do not need both plugins anymore.
  • Enhancement – Add “Hide the shipping date” option to the tracking info widget customizer
  • Enhancement – Improved UI/UX in the tracking info widget display in the customizer (one column, font size, image alignment)
  • Enhancement – Custom Completed Order Status Email Template with email Customizer
  • Enhancement – Updated design of settings page
  • Enhancement – Added fulfillment dashboard
  • Enhancement – Added PayPal Tracking functionality
  • Dev – Added REST API endpoint
  • Dev – Optimized the shipping provider autodetection functionality
  • Dev – Updated text domain in fluid tracking info template
  • Fix – Fixed fluid tracking info template issue on shipment status customizer
  • Enhancement – Updated design of TPI display under order meta display in order details page
  • Enhancement – Optimized the shipping provider autodetection functionality
  • Fix – Fixed fluid tracking info display for 1 column layout
  • Enhancement – Added option for Enable/Disable Auto detection of Shipping Provider
  • Enhancement – Added option for Reassign Shipped order status on plugin deactivate
  • Dev – Tested with WooCommerce 5.2.0
  • Fix – Fixed issue with Shipping items Heading not working in custom order status email customizer
  • Enhancement – Make tracking info widget compatible in outlook
  • Fix – On My Account order details page do not open tracking lightbox if not connected to TrackShip
  • Enhancement – Added integrations with UPS Shipping Plugin (PluginHive), QuickBooks Commerce (formerly TradeGecko), Ali2Woo, WooCommerce Twilio SMS Notifications, and WC – APG SMS Notifications
  • Fix – Fixed Shipped order status email sent twice
  • Fix – Fixed Variation product issue when add tracking info with TPI through CSV/API
  • Enhancement – Added option to display shipping provider image in Tracking info display customizer
  • Enhancement – By default enable Integration option if relevant plugin is install
  • Fix – Fixed issue with Custom shipped order status is not change when add tracking information mark as shipped
  • Fix – Fixed issue with Custom shipped status, disabled shipped status if Rename the “Completed” Order status label to “Shipped” is enabled
  • Fix – Added tracking widget header in the fluid tracking info display
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