WooCommerce Shipping

WooCommerce Shipping is a simple WooCommerce plugin that lets you print USPS and DHL labels right from your WooCommerce dashboard. It integrates with WooCommerce, USPS and DHL websites to automatically fill the shipping form with the customer’s billing and delivery address.

The Problem

When you generate a shipping label with the help of the WooCommerce Shipping & Tax plugin it goes like this:

  1. On generating a shipping label for an order, the Tracking Number, Link, and Shipping Provider displayed in the Shipping Label Metabox at the top of your WooCommerce edit orders page.
  2. You will manually update your order status to be completed (shipped) in order to fulfill the order. 
  3. WooCommerce sends a shipping confirmation email with tracking info to your customer along with fulfilled order details.

Since WooCommerce Shipping Plugin does not automatically update the Shipment Tracking Order Metadata, each time you have to go to “Track packages” in the Shipping Label metabox, get the tracking number, and shipping provider name, and paste them to your Shipment tracking panel. This is easy if you have few orders, but way more difficult when you have multiple orders. Imagine going to every order and manually pasting the tracking number to your Shipment tracking panel. Accidentally, you can even type the wrong tracking number for a product. 

Same way, the WooCommerce Shipping plugin does not change the order status to complete and fulfill your order automatically. With every order, you have to manually update your order status to be completed (shipped) after creating the label. It doesn’t automate your fulfillment workflow. 

Along with it, the tracking info widget in the shipping confirmation email just displays the tracking id and shipping provider, it does not deliver the best possible user experience.

WooCommerce Shipping Tracking Integration

Our tracking integration automatically gets tracking information from WooCommerce Shipping and automates fulfillment workflow. This saves time on repetitively copying & pasting tracking numbers from WooCommerce Shipping to the Shipment Tracking panel.

You can enable your WooCommerce Shipping Tracking integration with AST PRO in your store’s admin,  just go to:

WooCommerce > Shipment Tracking > Integrations


Look for WooCommerce Shipping and enable it. If you enable the option to automatically complete shipped orders, AST will update the order status to Shipped; if you choose to disable it, you will need to do it manually.

Once the integration is enabled, every time you create a shipping label for an order using WooCommerce Shipping, the shipment tracking data is automatically updated in AST’s shipment tracking order meta.

Please note: WooCommerce Shipping might use Shipping Carrier names that are different than the name on AST’s shipping providers list. In these cases, the shipping confirmation email will not include the a tracking link. To solve that, you can map the names received from ShipStation to the names on AST’s shipping providers list using the Map Shipping Providers Option.


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