Explore the seamless integration of WooCommerce JTL-Connector with Advanced Shipment Tracking (AST) PRO. Manage your online shop and entire business with JTL-Wawi, and benefit from an efficient process chain that encompasses everything from purchase to shipping and returns.

Overview of WooCommerce JTL-Connector Integration

WooCommerce JTL-Connector allows you to manage your online store efficiently alongside your business operations with JTL-Wawi. This integration streamlines your process chain, enhancing the efficiency of your e-commerce operations.

How JTL-Connector Tracking Integration Works

The integration between JTL-Connector and AST PRO is automatic and requires no additional activation steps. When both the AST Fulfillment Manager and the WooCommerce JTL-Connector plugins are installed, the system is fully equipped to handle your order fulfillment and tracking needs.

Automatic Synchronization

  • Automatic Tracking Sync: Once you generate a shipping label with the JTL-Connector, the integration will automatically sync the tracking information into the shipment tracking order meta.
  • Order Status Update: The order status will update to Shipped (Completed) as soon as the label is generated and the package is ready for dispatch.
  • Email Notification: The tracking information will be included in the email notification sent to your customers, ensuring they are informed about their order’s shipping status.

Integration Benefits

  • Seamless Process: From generating shipping labels to updating order status and notifying customers, the entire process is automated.
  • Efficiency: Reduce manual work and potential for errors by automating the tracking information sync.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Keep your customers informed with automatic updates and tracking information included in their notification emails.

Best Practices and Notes

  • Plugin Compatibility: Ensure that both AST Fulfillment Manager and WooCommerce JTL-Connector plugins are up to date and compatible with each other.
  • Monitor Fulfillment: Regularly check your orders to ensure the shipping labels are generated correctly and the tracking information is syncing as expected.
  • Customer Communication: Make sure the email templates include the necessary placeholders to display the tracking information clearly to your customers.

By leveraging the integration of WooCommerce JTL-Connector with AST PRO, you can significantly enhance your e-commerce operations, providing a smooth and informed shopping experience for your customers.


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