The Advanced Shipment Tracking Pro comes with built-in integrations with shipping services to automate the fulfillment workflow.

In most cases, external shipping services use the WooCommerce REST API or a plugin to import the processing orders to their dashboards. When you generate a shipping label, they use the order notes API endpoint to update the tracking information back to WooCommerce orders and complete the order.

In this case, the tracking information is not added to the shipment tracking panel (order meta) and the tracking widget will not display on the shipping confirmation email. In most of the shipping services integrations, you can disable the option to Complete the order and then to manually copy & paste tracking informaton to the shipment tracking panel and Complete the orders but this requires you to do a lot of repititve work.

To avoid the manual work, we created integrations that automatically populate the tracking information to the shipment tracking order meta when generating labels and Completes the orders.

To enable integration, go to WooCommerce > Shipment Tracking > Integrations:



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