Syncing Shipping Carriers

Keeping your shipping carrier information up to date is crucial for accurate tracking and customer satisfaction. AST allows you to sync your shipping carrier list with the latest updates, including changes in names, tracking URLs, and logo images.

How to Sync Your Shipping Carriers

  1. Access Sync Feature: Navigate to the Shipping Carriers page by going to WooCommerce > Shipment Tracking > Shipping Carriers.
  2. Initiate Sync: Click on the Menu icon (☰) located at the top of the page. From the drop-down, select the “Sync Carriers” link. This action will trigger the sync process and open a popup detailing the progress.

What Happens During Sync?

  • Update without Alteration: The sync process updates your shipping carriers’ information to reflect the most recent data available. This includes any modifications to the carrier’s name, tracking URL, or logo image.
  • Preservation of Settings: Your existing list settings and preferences will remain unchanged. The sync is designed to update information without disrupting your customized settings.
  • Custom Edits Remain Intact: Any custom carriers you’ve added or any custom edits you’ve made to existing carriers will not be affected. The sync targets only the default carrier information provided by AST.

Post-Sync Summary

  • Review Updates: Once the sync is complete, a summary will display the carriers that have been updated. This allows you to review the changes and ensure that everything is as expected.
  • Continuous Alignment: Regularly syncing your carriers ensures that you are always aligned with the latest carrier information, improving the accuracy of tracking information provided to your customers.

By following these steps and utilizing the Sync Shipping Carriers feature, you maintain the most current and efficient tracking system, enhancing your operational effectiveness and customer communication.


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