Shipment Tracking API Settings

The shipment tracking REST API provides a way for you to manage shipment tracking information, enabling you to create, view, and delete individual shipment tracking records. With the API, you have the option to set up automated processes by selecting the appropriate settings.

Navigate to WooCommerce > Shipment Tracking > Settings and open the Shipment tracking API panel:


Shipment Tracking API Options

API Date Format – You can choose the date format that you use when updating the shipment tracking API endpoint from external sources.

AutoComplete Tracking Per Item orders – The AutoComplete Tracking Per Item orders option allows you to automatically change the order status to Shipped when updating shipment tracking from the API or importing from CSV files. When this option is enabled, you won’t have to manually change the order status for each order.

Restrict adding the same tracking number – The Restrict adding the same tracking number option restricts adding the same tracking number again with the shipment tracking API. This option helps prevent any duplicates in your tracking information and ensures that your tracking data is accurate.

Please note: The Shipment Tracking API in AST PRO allows you to import tracking information from external sources, such as a warehouse, shipping service, or drop-shipping service. With the Autocomplete option enabled in the settings, updating tracking information via the API or CSV will automatically change the order status to “Shipped” once all items in the order have been shipped. The “Partially Shipped” status and corresponding email will be skipped in this process.


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