You can use SMSala to send out the order status update, and shipping & delivery SMS notifications to your customers.

Setup SMSala SMS Integration

To set up the SMS notifications, on your WordPress admin, go to SMS Settings > Settings, and click on the SMS Service Provider:

  • Select SMSala from the list of SMS service providers
  • Add your SMSala API id, SMSala API password, and Sender phone number (given to you by SMSala)

How to get your SMSala API Key:

  • Login into your SMSala account.
  • Go to the API section and copy your API ID and API Password
  • Copy the API ID and API password and use them in the SMS provider settings.

How to get your SMSala phone number:

  • Go to Sender ID and copy your Sender ID
  • Copy the Sender ID and use it in the SMS provider settings.

About SMSala

Transactional SMS are for sending important information, alerts, or service messages to your clients. With Transactional SMS messages, one can send informative, generic, critical data or information.

A transactional SMS is an SMS sent between a business and a customer. The information contained in these texts is essential for your customers to use your product or service. If you enable two-factor authentication on your email account, the provider must send you an SMS when you access your inbox from a new device.



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