You can use ASPSMS to send out the order status update, and shipping & delivery SMS notifications to your customers.

Setup ASPSMS SMS Integration

To set up the SMS notifications, on your WordPress admin, go to SMS Settings > Settings, and click on the SMS Service Provider:

  • Select ASPSMS from the list of SMS service providers
  • Add your ASPSMS User key, API Password, and Sender phone number (given to you by ASPSMS)

How to get your ASPSMS API Credentials:

  1. Login into your ASPSMS account.
  2. navigate to the API Credentials section.
  3. copy the UserKey and API password and use it in the SMS provider settings.
  4. and copy the Originator and use it as a Sender phone or Sender ID.

About ASPSMS,,, and are products of VADIAN.NET AG, a Switzerland-based Internet, and Mobile Solutions company. We are one of the leading global providers of SMS solutions with more than 200’000 business clients and more than 300’000 private users.



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