You can use BulkGate to send out the order status update, and shipping & delivery SMS notifications to your customers.

Setup BulkGate SMS Integration

To set up the SMS notifications, on your WordPress admin, go to SMS Settings > Settings, and click on the SMS Service Provider:

  • Select Bulkgate from the list of SMS service providers
  • Add your Bulkgate application id, BulkGate application token, username, key, and sender id (given to you by BulkGate)

How to get your BulkGate API Key:

  • Login to your BulkGate account.
  • Go Modules & APIs section and if you haven’t created HTTP Simple API, click on HTTP Simple API and create API.
  • Copy your Application ID and Application Token and enter them into the SMS Service Provider’s settings.

How to get your BulkGate phone number:

  • The sender id refers to the table below, and if You have a Text sender, you will have to enter gText in the General Settings as a Sender phone number / Sender ID.
gSystemSystem number
gShortShort Code
gTextText sender
gMobileMobile Connect – Sends SMS message through the Mobile Connect app
gPushMobile Connect push – Sends a notification to the Mobile Connect app
gOwnOwn Number (number verification required)
gProfileBulkGate Profile ID
<int>BulkGate Profile ID

About BulkGate

SMS notification is a powerful and verified way how to interact and engage your customers. It is one of the most important marketing tools that help you skyrocket customer satisfaction. Use SMS notifications to let your customers know about orders, upcoming appointments, and bookings. Provide valuable information with a discount code and make your customers want to come back to you. Do the right thing and use SMS notification in your business.



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