Advanced Shipment Tracking

SMS for WooCommerce is fully compatible with the Advanced Shipment Tracking (AST)

  • Trigger SMS messages based on the custom order statuses Shipped and Partially Shipped
  • include shipment tracking placeholders in your SMS messages (i.e. tracking number, tracking link…)

Shipping Confirmation SMS messages

When AST is installed, we add the shipment tracking variables in the available placeholders for the Shipped and Partially Shipped order statuses:


Available Shipment Tracking Placeholders

Use the following variables to dynamically add order information to your SMS messages. These work for both customer and admin messages. See below if you want to add your own messages variables.

{shipping_method}Order shipping method
{tracking_number}Tracking number
{tracking_provider}Shipping Carrier
{tracking_link}Link to track the shipment
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