Cart & Checkout Options

Customize your cart and checkout experience with the following options:

  1. Select Pickup Location Layout – Choose the layout for displaying pickup location options on the cart/checkout page.
  2. Pickup Locations Sort By – Customize the sorting order of pickup locations for the cart/checkout page.
  3. Google Maps API Key – Input the Google Maps API key to enable sorting pickup locations by distance. Refer to the guide on “How to Get your Google Map API credentials?” for assistance.
  4. Allow Force Date Selection – Enable customers to forcibly select a pickup date.
  5. Automatic Processing to Processing LP – Automate the transition of order status from “Processing” to “Processing LP” for Local Pickup orders.
  6. Mix Local Pickup/Shipped Orders – Decide whether customers can choose to ship part of the order and pick up the rest, or if a single handling method must be chosen for all eligible items.
  7. Allow Pickup Per Item – Specify whether a product can be picked up at various locations or if only one pickup location is available per order.
  8. Display Local Pickup Address on Cart/Checkout – Show the pickup address on both the cart and checkout pages.


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