Order Statuses & Notifications

The standard WooCommerce order workflow is structured for simplicity: an order is marked as ‘Processing‘ once payment is received and updated to ‘Completed‘ when the order is shipped, triggering an order confirmation email to the customer. In the default WooCommerce setup, an order marked ‘Completed’ signifies that it has been fully fulfilled, requiring no additional action.

Our plugin enhances this process by introducing more nuanced statuses and allowing for greater customization, thus offering a more transparent and detailed fulfillment journey for both store managers and customers.


Renaming Order Status

  • Shipped Status: Re-label the ‘Completed’ status to ‘Shipped’ to more accurately reflect that the order has left your premises and is en route to the customer, differentiating it from the fulfillment completion.

Advanced Order Statuses and Notification Options

  • Partially Shipped: Add a ‘Partially Shipped’ status to track and communicate orders that are sent in multiple shipments. This status aids in maintaining transparency with your customers regarding the stage of their order delivery.
    • Email Notifications: Enable email notifications for the ‘Partially Shipped’ status to keep your customers informed automatically when their order is partially on its way.
    • Color Settings: Personalize the background and text colors of the ‘Partially Shipped’ status label to visually distinguish it within the order management dashboard.

Delivery Confirmation Status

  • Delivered: Implement a ‘Delivered’ status to indicate the successful delivery of an order.
    • Color Settings: Customize the ‘Delivered’ status label’s visual aspects, aligning it with your brand’s design language for consistency and recognition.

SMS Notifications Integration

  • SMS Updates: To enable and tailor SMS notifications for order statuses, such as ‘Partially Shipped’ or ‘Delivered’, integrate with the ‘SMS for WooCommerce‘ plugin. This adds an additional layer of communication by sending timely SMS updates to your customers regarding their order’s progress.

Remember to save your settings by clicking “Save & Close” to ensure all changes are implemented and active within your WooCommerce store.

WooCommerce Fulfillment Workflow:


Advanced Shipment Tracking Fulfillment Workflow: