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Order Statuses

WooCommerce Orders flow provides just a basic fulfillment workflow, once the order is paid it gets the Processing status and when you ship the order, you change the status to Completed, and the order email is sent to the customer. The definition of the Completed order status by WooCommerce is that the order is fulfilled and no further action is required.


WooCommerce Fulfillment Workflow:


Advanced Shipment Tracking allows you to enable custom order statuses to organize the WooCommerce orders flow and automate the fulfillment workflow. 

Advanced Shipment Tracking Fulfillment Workflow:

  • Rename the “Completed” Order status to “Shipped” – The Completed order Status in WooCommerce means that the order is fulfilled and no further action is required. But when you ship your orders, this order status means that the order is shipped and we allow you to rename the Completed order status to Shipped. The rename to Shipped option will change the order status label only for display purposes in your store admin, AST does not change the order status slug (completed), and it’s compatible with any other plugin or custom code that uses the Completed order status.
  • Enable Custom Order Status Partially Shipped – The partially shipped status is for orders that you ship in separate packages or from different locations.

Custom Order Status Options

  • Edit the Background Color
  • Edit the Font Color
  • Enable Email Notifications
  • Customize the email notifications
  • Enable & customize the SMS Notifications (requires SMS for WooCommerce)