Product Restrictions

When editing a product, you can add restriction rules to products from the product data panel > Country Restrictions tab:

Select if to apply the restriction rule on the selected countries or to apply the selected countries on all other countries.

Restriction Rule – Make product set with Selected countries(option) below for Product Visibility. See options for Geographic availability

  • Product Available for all countries – do not apply country restrictions.
  • Product Available for selected countries – apply the product visibility rules only for the selected countries.
  • Product not Available for selected countries – apply the product visibility rules on all countries excluding the selected countries.

Select countries – Select the countries that you want the restriction rule to apply – this option is only available when you choose to display or exclude options.

in this example, we restrict the product to sell only to customers from the United States.


in this example, we restrict the product not to be available for customers from the United States, India and Israel:


Bulk Action for CBR Rules

To remove all restriction rules from all products, utilize the bulk action feature on the product list page for efficient rule removal.



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