Getting Started

Installing the Country Based Restrictions Pro

Note: when you install the Pro version of Country Based Restrictions, we will automatically deactivate the free version and you can delete the Free version, all your settings from the free and any restriction rules will be used by the Pro version.

  1. Download the plugin .zip file from the subscriptions tab in your account on
  2. on your WordPress admin, navigate to Plugins > Add New.
  3. click Upload Plugin to begin the installation and activate the plguin.

To complete the setup, navigate to: WooCommerce > Country Restrictions

How to Activate the CBR PRO License?

To activate the license, from WordPress Dashboard, go to WooCommerce > Country Restrictions > License, and click on Activate License, you will be directed to to connect your store


After that, you will be directed to to connect your store and activate the license.


After that you will be directed to your store and license will be activated.



Billed annually

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