Refund to Store Credit

When a customer submits a return request and selects the refund payment method as “Refund to Store Credit,” a streamlined coupon generation process is initiated. This process ensures efficient handling of refunds and provides customers with a convenient way to utilize their store credit for future purchases.

Coupon Generation Process:

  • Customer Submits Return Request: Upon submitting a return request, the customer selects the refund payment method as “Refund to Store Credit.”
  • Return Request Approval: Once the return request is approved by the store administrator, the refund amount is processed as store credit.
  • Coupon Generation: After approval, a coupon equivalent to the refund amount is automatically generated within the system.
  • Email Notification: The generated coupon details, including the coupon code, and refund amount, are sent to the customer via email.
  • Customer Redemption: The customer can then utilize the issued coupon during their next purchase on the store’s website.
Ex: The generated coupon email of customer


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