Creating customers for WooCommerce via the REST API

Email Verification Flow – Creating customers for WooCommerce via the REST API

  1. When you Create Customer via REST API, the account is flagged as Unverified Email
  2. When customers log in to their accounts,  a verification popup will display on all account pages and will allow the customers to enter a verification code to verify their email and activate their account to access the account area.
  3. The verification code and a verification link are sent to the new customer email address and they can verify their email by entering the verification code or by clicking on the Verification link in the email.
  4. Once a customer verifies the email address on the account and will be redirected to the account dashboard (or any other page you choose) , and the Customer account will be flagged as Verified Email.

How to Create Customers for WooCommerce REST API ?

Creating customers for WooCommerce via the REST API is a useful feature that allows developers to automate the process of adding new customers to their WooCommerce store programmatically. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to achieve this:

1 Obtain WooCommerce REST API credentials:

Before you can start using the WooCommerce REST API, you need to generate API credentials from your WooCommerce store. To do this, log in to your WordPress admin dashboard and navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced > REST API. Create a new API key, specifying the access level and permissions you want to grant to the API.

2 Set up your API environment:

You can interact with the WooCommerce REST API using any programming language that can make HTTP requests. In this example, we’ll use Python’s requests library. If you’re using a different language, the general concepts will still apply.

2 Make a POST request to create a customer:

To create a new customer, you’ll need to send a POST request to the WooCommerce API endpoint responsible for handling customer data. The endpoint URL will typically look like this:

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