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  • Dev – Improve checkout verification for unverified logged in user
  • Dev – Change filter name – “woocommerce_email_from_address” and “woocommerce_email_from_name”
  • Fix – Undefined property: stdClass::$postal in cev-pro-login-authentication.php on line 301
  • Fix – Require checkout verification only for free orders when shipping costs are there
  • Dev – Compatibility with Affiliate For WooCommerce
  • Dev – Compatibility with Smart Manager
  • Dev – Compatibility with Email Customizer Pro
  • Dev – Compatibility with Email Customizer Pro
  • Dev – Compatibility with CartFlows Checkout page
  • Dev – Compatibility with Cashier for WooCommerce
  • Dev – Tested with WooCommerce 7.7.0
  • Enhancement – On the email verification popup on the My Account page, you should be able to cancel the verification process and logout
  • Dev – Add functionality to check if the user has already a verified account on the checkout page
  • Fix – Customizers do not load in staging URLs with subfolders
  • Fix – New account email Issue with social login
  • Enhancement – Added an option in the Popup Content customizer to remove the OTP section
  • Fix -Delay the new account email until after email verification
  • Fix – Already have verification code? button not working on the cart and checkout popup
  • Enhancement – Added new functionality for Login Authentication for logging in from a new device, logging in from a new location, and the Last login more than certain days
  • Enhancement – Updated the settings page design
  • Enhancement – Updated the customizer design
  • Fix – Make the “Please verify your email address” string translatable
  • Fix – Undefined variable $user_id in cev-pro-email-settings.php on line 808
  • Fix – Undefined property: stdClass::$user_email in cev-pro-email-settings.php on line 63
  • Fix – Uncaught ValueError: Unknown format specifier ” ” in cev-pro-email-settings.php:819
  • Dev – Added compatibility with Essential Addons for Elementor
  • Fix – Misspelled Verification in popup Woocommerce message
  • Fix – Warning – Undefined variable: cev_verification_popup_message in customer-email-verification/includes/views/verify_checkout_guest_user.php on line 36
  • Enhancement – Improve the License page design
  • Enhancement – Change the license activation system
  • Fix – Fixed issue with email verification on checkout page for free orders
  • Fix – Fixed Delay the new account email issue, password was not added in new account email
  • Fix – Fixed My Account email verification popup issue with WPML
  • Enhancement – Improve design of customizer settings panel
  • Enhancement – Update verification popup design for different themes
  • Enhancement – Updated email verified message display on checkout page verification
  • Dev – Improve the Selected user roles settings save functionality
  • Fix – If I disable email verification before Checkout option still in checkout page it’s adding inline email verification
  • Fix – Fix duplicate verification msg in checkout inline verification
  • Fix – Checkout page inline verification fix browser back button issue
  • Fix – Verification issue in checkout page for logged in customer
  • Fix – Save the “Automatically delete customers with unverified email after x days” setting returns a 403
  • Fix – Fixed translatble string for front checkout verification
  • Fixed – Fix issue with verification email link, only one time send new account email if open verification link multiple times
  • Fixed – Fix new account email issue if delay option is enabled
  • Fixed – Fix design issue in verification popup and email with header image and spacing
  • Dev – Added a debounce feature in front js for inline verification in checkout
  • Enhancement – Updated settings page design
  • Enhancement – Updated tools page design
  • Enhancement – Updated license page design
  • Enhancement – Improved the verification popup style and customizer
  • Enhancement – Improved the “Email Verification” button html in user verification email.
  • Dev – Improved the security
  • Fix – Make inline checkout verification compatible with Checkout For WooCommerce.
  • Fix – The issue with Verification widget customizer header text and header font size.
  • Enhancement – Make standalone Customer Email Verification PRO.
  • Enhancement – Add inline option for the checkout verification.
  • Enhancement – Added compatibility with Nextend Social Login and WooCommerce Social Login plugin.
  • Fix – Footer content issue on Verification widget messages customizer.
  • Enhancement – Improved the “Email Verification” button html in user verification email.
  • Fix – When the user selects the option with delay new account email, the new account email comes more than one time.
  • Fix – For administrator user always shows the verification widget on my account page and checkout page.
  • Enhancement – Updated settings page design.
  • Enhancement – Verification email Customizer improvements.
  • Fix – issue of guest user checkout/cart page.
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