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Customize Return Request Widget

Return Request Widget Display

The Return Request Widget include options for customers to return process by filling out a form with relevant information such as their order items and quantity, reason for return, and describe the issue of return. (if required) and will display on the order received page and on the View Order page in the customer accounts (order history). You can customize the display of the return request form widget with a live preview.

From the Returns for WooCommerce > Settings ( Return Widget, click on the customize return widget button in the return widget panel.

Customize Returns Widget Options

Widget Content

  • Heading for returns request
  • Header for returns request notice
  • Content for returns request notice
  • Returns request button text

Widget Style

  • Widget Width
  • Widget Background Color
  • Widget Border Color
  • Notice Box Background Color
  • Notice Box Font Color
  • Widget Font Color
  • Return request button text color
  • Return request button background color

Customize Return Request Emails

As part of return orders, emails are sent to customers automatically about the status of their order.

You can choose the email type to customize emails with live preview:

  • Return Request (Customer)
  • Return Request (Admin)
  • Return Approved (Customer)
  • Return Rejected (Customer)

You can fully customize the custom email templates using an email customizer with a live preview. You can customize the email subject, heading, content, and more…