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Customer View

When you add tracking info to an orders and fulfill the orders, the tracking widget will be added to the order status emails, will display on the Orders History in the my-account area, and on the View Order details page.

To set up the customer view options, go to WooCommerce > Shipment Tracking > Settings, and open the Customer View panel:


Customer View Options

  • Display tracking information on order emails – This option allows you to choose on which order status email you would like to display the tracking information. The plugin will also detect custom order statuses that are set on the store.
  • Display Track Button on Orders History – This option allows you to display the “Track” action button on the WooCommerce account area in the orders history list endpoint. This makes it easy for customers to track their shipments directly from their accounts.
  • Open the tracking link in a new tab – This option allows you to set the button link to track the shipments on the shipping provider’s website to open in a new tab. In case multiple tracking numbers are added to an order, the tracking link will direct the customers to the View Order page.

Shipped order status email notification:


My account > Orders – track order (actions column):


My account > Orders > View Order display:



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