Pickup Locations

Local Pickup Pro offers the flexibility to establish multiple pickup locations, providing customers with the freedom to choose their preferred pickup spot during the checkout process. Efficiently arrange the pickup locations using the intuitive drag-and-drop feature in the Pickup Locations list, enabling you to set the desired sorting order effortlessly. Additionally, you have the option to duplicate locations within the Pickup Locations list.

When customers select the Local Pickup shipping option, they will encounter a list of available pickup locations specific to each product eligible for pickup. Alternatively, you can choose to limit the selection to only one pickup location per order.

Management Options:

  • Add Location: Easily add new pickup locations to expand your network.
  • Enable/Disable Location: Toggle the availability of specific pickup locations.
  • Duplicate Location: Quickly replicate existing pickup locations for efficiency.
  • Delete a Location: Remove any unnecessary or outdated pickup locations.
  • Drag & Drop: Rearrange pickup locations effortlessly by dragging and dropping them to set the desired sort order.


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