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WooCommerce Subscriptions

The Advanced Local Pickup Pro is compatible with the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin and allows you to offer local pickup for subscriptions. Customers can select their preferred local pickup location during checkout and they will receive the pickup information in the subscription renewal orders.

Please note: When you change the location details which already was selected for active subscriptions, the renewal email will include the updated location details.

Changing the Pickup Location

Customers can edit their pickup location or to schedule an appointment if the location requires appointment. Customers will receive a link in the Processing/Completed Renewal emails that will direct them to the View Order page and they will be able to change their pickup location or to set a new pickup appointment from the local pickup widget.


  After a customer clicks on the here link, they will see the order view page and can reschedule the order using the below options (only if the order is a subscription renewal).    


Clicking the update button will send the customer rescheduling pickup info with an email of ready for pickup. 


Billed annually

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