Advanced Local Pickup Pro

The Advanced Local Pickup Pro helps you handle store pickup more conveniently by extending the WooCommerce Local Pickup shipping method, creating a local pickup fulfillment workflow and allowing you to set up multiple pickup locations, pickup per item, products availability per location, force local pickup, pickup appointments, and more!

Store Pickup Workflow

  • When your customers proceed to checkout on your store, they have the option to choose a designated pickup location and, if applicable, select a preferred time slot (in case appointments are enabled).
  • Upon confirming the availability of the selected pickup items, your team prepares the order and updates its status to “Ready For Pickup.” Simultaneously, a notification is sent to the customer, alerting them that their order is ready for collection.
  • Pickup instructions specific to the chosen location are prominently displayed on the order received page and can also be found on the view order page. Additionally, these instructions are included in the email notification sent to the customer.
  • When a customer arrives to pick up their order, it’s essential to update the order status within WooCommerce from “Ready For Pickup” to “Picked Up.”
  • For added customer engagement, consider sending an optional “Picked Up” notification to customers. Alternatively, leverage the “Picked Up” status for marketing automations to enhance your customer communication strategy. This streamlined process ensures a seamless and efficient experience for both you and your customers during the store pickup workflow.
Getting Started

Requirements WooCommerce Local Pickup Shipping Method: Before using the Advanced Local Pickup

Setup & Configuration

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Pickup Locations

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Customer View

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