Country Based Restrictions (Free)

The Country Based Restriction plugin (CBR) use the WooCommerce Geolocation to restrict products on WooCommerce store to sell only to specific shipping countries.

How It Works

Shipping Country Detection:

The plugin determines the visitors Shipping Country by the following:

  1. Checks if the visitor is a logged-in user with an account on your store, the Shipping Country is taken from the customer account Shipping Address.
  2. If the shipping country does not exist for the customer or that it’s a guest customer, the plugin will detect the customer country by the WooCommerce GeoLocation (customer IP)

Note: you can force the plugin to only detect the country only by the WooCommerce GeoLocation.

Select visibility option for the restricted products

There are 3 visibility options that will determine how the restricted products display on your store:

  1. Completely hide the restricted products from your store
  2. Hide from Catalog, this will hide the restricted products from the store catalog but will keep them accessible via direct link.
  3. Catalog Visible – keep restricted products visible on the catalog but non purchasable.
Getting Started

Installing the Country Based Restrictions (Free) Using the WordPress Admin is the

Setup & Configuration

Catalog Visibility Settings The visibility options will determine the catalog visibility of

Product Restrictions

When editing a product, you can add restriction rules to products from


This plugin should be compatible with many other WooCommerce plugins that have


the CBR plugin is localized/ translatable by default, we added translation to


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