Customize the Email Notifications

Customize Pickup informations Widget

The pickup instructions encompass essential details such as the location name, address, working hours, and, if applicable, appointment information. These instructions will be visible on the order received page, order emails, and the View Order page within customer accounts (order history). Customize the appearance of the local pickup information widget easily using the standard WordPress customizer, providing a live preview of the changes.

To access customization options, navigate to Local Pickup Settings (WooCommerce > Local Pickup), and click on the customize link in the main menu.


Customizer Options

  • Widget Style
    • Background Color: Define the background color of the widget.
    • Border Color: Set a border color for the widget.
    • Padding: Add spacing around the widget content.
  • Widget Header
    • Hide Widget Header – Opt to hide the widget header for a simplified display.
    • Widget Header Text – Customize the widget header text according to your preference.
  • Pickup Location info
    • Hide Pickup Address Header – Opt to hide the pickup address header for a simplified display
    • Pickup Address Header Text – Customize the pickup address header text according to your preference.
    • Hide Office Hours Header – Opt to hide the office hours header for a simplified display
    • Office Hours Header Text – Customize the office hours header text according to your preference.

Customize the local pickup emails

As a component of the local pickup process, automated email notifications are send to customers, providing updates on their order status. Customers selecting the pickup option receive the following email notifications:

  • Order Ready for Pickup
  • Order Picked Up

You can fully customize the custom email templates using an email customizer with a live preview. Customize elements such as the email subject, heading, content, and the option to include details like billing address, item images, and more according to your preferences.


Customizer Options

  • Header Options
    • Email type – select order status from statuses(Like: Ready for pickup, Picked up, Pickup reminder) for preview.
  • Email Settings
    • Enable email
    • Recipients
    • Email Subject
    • Email Heading
    • Email content
  • Available variables
    • {customer_first_name}
    • {customer_last_name}
    • {site_title}
    • {order_number}