Report Totals

In the Report Totals panel, you can select which data to include in the total panel of the email report and to select if to Compare the report totals to the previous period.


Report Totals Reference

Report DetailsDescription
Gross SalesSale price of product(s) multiplied by quantity ordered. Does not include refunds, coupons, taxes or shipping
Total SalesGross Sales – Returns – Coupons + Taxes + Shipping
Net SalesGross Sales – Returns – Coupons (referred to as “Sales” in the legacy WooCommerce Reports)
Net Discount AmountTotal sum of discounts from coupons
RefundsMoney returned to the customer via a refund
TaxesTotal Tax charges
ShippingTotal shipping charges
OrdersThe number of new orders placed for a selected date range (Processing/Completed)
Items SoldThe discrete number of items sold
New CustomersTotal number of new signups

Please Note:

All Totals are for the report period.
The Avg. Daily Sales and the Avg. Items Per Order are only available for the weekly/monthly reports.