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Pickup Location

Pickup Location Options


Name & Special instructions

  • Location Name – This is the lcoation name that will display for the customers.
  • Special instructions – Specify any instructions or information related to pickup, such as store hours or a reminder to the customer to bring a copy of their order confirmation. The information is included in the notification that you send when you prepare an order for pickup.


The location address will display to your customers on the Pickup instructions widget on the checkout, order received, notification emails and in their order history in my-account.

  • Address 1
  • Address 2
  • City
  • State
  • Country – option to show/hide country.
  • ZIP
  • Telephone

Please Note: the default location address is the store address from WooCommerce settings.


Business Hours

Display Time Format – select the time format that you want to display to your customers, you can choose between 12H/24 time format (i.e 12pm or 12:00)

Business hours – specify your schedule and choose the days and hours when you’re available:

Please Note: the order of the business days is determined by the “Week Starts on” option in WordPress settings.