Reports Setup

While the free version allows you to send one sales report email, the pro version offer the option to send and schedule multiple reports. 

General Report Options

  • Report Title – the name of the report for internal use
  • Email Content – sales report email content text.
  • Recipients – enter the recipients email addresses, separated by commas.
  • Email Subject – sales report email subject.

Schedule Options

  • Interval – The frequency of which the report should be sent
  • Send email at – the time of day to send out the report email
  • Day on week – Day of the week to send the report email
  • Day on Month – the day on the month to send the report email

Reports will include sales data of the selected period up until 23:59 (server time) the day before the report is generated.  For example:

  • Daily is 12:00:00am to 11:59:59pm on that day.
  • Weekly is 12:00:00am on the first day to 11:59:59pm on the last day
  • Monthly is 12:00:00am on the first day of previous month to 11:59:59pm on the last day of previous month
  • Last 30 Days will display the last 30 days depending on the date selected to send the report, from 12:00:00am on the first day to 11:59:59pm on the last day

Note: Reports are scheduled in your WordPress site’s timezone. You can find your timezone settings under Settings > General.

Available schedule options examples:


Report Total Options

  • Gross Revenue – sum of all orders including shipping & taxes with refunds taken off.
  • Coupons – Total discounts with coupons
  • Refunds – Total Refunds during the report period.
  • Taxes – Total tax charges during the report period.
  • Shipping – Total shipping charges during the report period.
  • Net Revenue – sum of all orders, with refunds, shipping & taxes taken off.
  • Orders – Total count of orders in status Processing/Complete
  • Items Sold – Total items sold during the report period
  • New Customers – Total number of new signups during the report period.

Report Details Options

  • Top Selling Products (5, 10, 20, all) – product name, quantity, amount.
  • Top Selling Categories (5, 10, 20, all) – category name, quantity, amount.

Report Status

  • Enable/Disable the sales report email
  • Next run date – Display of the next run date of the email report
  • Timezone – Display current timezone of WordPress setting.
  • Update / Delete


  • Report review – Click on button and get current salse report review.
  • Send a test email – send test mail of the report recipients.



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