Return Center

The return center form helps customers and businesses talk to each other when something is being returned. It makes sure things are correct, clear, and done quickly, making customers feel good about their experience. It also helps businesses make smart choices using the important information collected during returns.

Return Portal

You must create a return center page for the return portal using the shortcode [return-center].

The form of return portal after logged in
The form of return portal before login

Customers can retrieve their order details using the order ID and their email address. Once they click on “Find My Order” we will display a return request form. Customers can then submit a return request for the items they wish to return.

Return Request Form

In the return request form, customers have the option to select the item, specify the return reason, provide a description of the returned items, attach images of the products being returned, and choose their preferred refund payment method. After entering these details, they can submit the form to initiate a return. If the customer choose option of the store credit for refund, we will generate a coupon and send it to the customer once the return request is approved by the admin.

Ex. The form for submit return requests

Upon submitting the return request, we will show the return status for that specific return request.

Return Status

Ex. The return status for that specific return request.

Return a Request on Order View page

Customers can initiate a return request for items directly from the order view page. We provide an action button labeled “Return a Request” both in the order list and after displaying order details on the order view page, allowing customers to easily submit a return request for specific items.

Ex. Return a Request action button position on order view page

After clicking the ‘Return a Request’ button, you can see the return request form, as illustrated in the attached image below.

Ex. Return a Request from on order view page