Add Tracking Options

On this pane, you can set up the Tracking Widget options when you add tracking information to orders:


Add tracking popup options

  • Enable the Tracking Per Item by Default – select if to show the products section open in the add tracking popup
  • Show item SKU  – display the order items image to the add tracking popup
  • Display the product image when adding tracking to orders – display the order items image to the add tracking Lightbox
  • Set the “mark as shipped” option checked when adding tracking info to orders – this will checked the “mark as shipped” checkbox when add tracking to orders
  • Enable Shipping Providers Auto-detection (Beta) – When you add tracking to orders, our auto-detector will detect the shipping provider when you type or paste tracking numbers to the tracking number field.
  • Enable Legacy add tracking panel when editing orders – this will disable the Lightbox add tracking model and will enable the standard add tracking panel in the edit order admin.
  • Add Tracking Order Action– choose on which Order Status in your store you would like to display Add Tracking icon in the Order Actions menu.


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